Came to Telegraph Creative with a goal: to take their city back. After months of controversy and a failing school system, Talladega's city leaders needed to find a way to propel the city forward, attract new businesses and put the city on the map as a tourism destination. The rebranding campaign included a new logo, tagline and a tourism website, which captured the spirit of the city in a way that the community could relate to. 

My job?

To showcase the city on social media. The rebranding campaign, Tomorrow's Talladega, was a huge success and led to a partnership that still continues today. On Visit Talladega's social media channels, you will find a community of followers that want to see the city succeed.


Christmas on the square campaign 2017

Rebranding goes far behind just slapping a new logo on a website and switching up the color scheme. Branding goes much deeper, affecting the lifestyle and attitude of the community. As part of the ongoing rebranding initiative, Talladega formed a three-day Christmas festival held in the city's historic town square. There were holiday gifts and treats surrounding the square, a meet-and-greet with (the real) Santa Claus and even an ice rink. After the success of 2016's Christmas on the Square, we knew that we needed to revamp the social media campaign and pour our hearts into outreach so that we could grow the event and make it even more successful. One way we did so was through driving traffic to their website and running ads that would result in brand awareness and of course, participation.

“Christmas on the Square is a dream come true. When I first moved here I envisioned people walking, talking and shopping on the square. Big things are happening in Talladega and this is only the beginning.” - Benesa Riggans‎, Talladega resident

Ongoing social media management